A Surprise Call from the Fertility Doctor

Most days, I do okay. But some days I'm just over this infertility thing. For a few months now, we have shared our ups and downs and it wasn’t until recently that I ran out of words. Two weeks ago, we received a phone call and then a letter confirming that our insurance provider would not pay for In Vitro Fertilization (IVF). I took the news, swallowed it, and let it break my heart. I get that we were put on this earth to grow and all, but lately my prayers have been a little like: Thanks but no thanks, Heavenly Father. I think I’m good on the growing thing.

Today He responded, Nope, and sent another bump in the road.

I was sitting at work when my cell phone started vibrating and my caller ID read, Reproductive Care Center. It’s been a few weeks since we talked with our fertility clinic; I just assumed that because our plan fell through, there was nothing else to follow-up on. Curious, I answered the phone and expected to hear the voice of a nurse or receptionist. Instead, I spoke with our fertility doctor.

He apologized for the outcome of the insurance request and told me that it had honestly surprised him. He was calling to let me know that he had written a letter of appeal and had heard back from our provider—their response was positive! He said that they are willing to approve the procedure if we can provide some compelling documentation. Our next step is for Jk to meet with a urologist (male fertility doctor) and to basically get a doctor’s note saying that neither medicine nor surgery will solve the problem. Out of the blue, IVF is back on the table!

I just want to take a minute to say that I was so impressed that our doctor had taken the time to call me. That’s just the kind of guy he is. He even gave me his personal phone number! Even if all of this doesn’t work out, I will forever be grateful for the compassion and care we have received from this doctor.

So here we are again, back on the cusp of everything or nothing. This journey hasn’t been smooth and it definitely hasn’t been easy. But I can promise you that every single time I am ready to give up, the Lord has shown me mercy. Just when I think every ounce of my faith is used up, He sends me hope. Over and over, I am learning to trust that He will guide me in this journey that at times can be terribly difficult and dark.

“Assurance and hope make it possible for us to walk to the edge of the light and take a few steps into the darkness—expecting and trusting the light to move and illuminate the way.” - Elder David A. Bednar


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