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Dear Expectant Parent Letter

Dear Friend,
You've probably looked through a lot of profiles by now—faces are blurring together and letters all say the same thing. Or maybe we are the first couple you've come across. No matter where you are at in your journey, we'd love to be a part of it. Here's what makes us, us.

We've been married for almost three years and adoption has been part of our plan since before day one of our marriage. After two years of infertility, we decided it was time to pursue our adoption journey. Finding a birth family match will be such a blessing for us.

As a couple, we try to live a minimalist life. One of our favorite activities is being outdoors. We love traveling, camping, and hiking. We can't wait to add another little adventurer to our crew.

We love Netflix binging as much as the next person, but we spend most of our free time at home reading. We have a huge (and growing) book collection. So if you enjoy reading, we will have lots to talk about!

Although we do no…

Finishing our Adoption Homestudy!

Yesterday my husband and I met with our adoption specialist for the LAST TIME until we find a birth mother. What! I am happy to announce that we’ve completed the final step in our adoption homestudy! 
From start to finish, the process took almost 5 weeks. Although I was anxious to complete everything, the month flew by! Here’s a quick recap of our homestudy timeline:
September 16 - Attended the adoption education event.
September 21 - Met with Calli in our home for the first time. Got an overview of adoption requirements, signed paperwork, & had an interview as a couple.
September 28 - Calli came over to take the fingerprints of every member in the household.
October 8 - Finished our paperwork. Messaged Calli to set up our last appointment.
October 18 - Calli did our individual interviews & home assessment.

Many friends and family members reached out to wish us luck leading up to our home assessment. Afterwards, we were surprised by the supportive & inquisitive messages we …

Adoption Homestudy: Fingerprints and Paperwork

It has been an exciting few weeks around here. In my last post, we had just attended an adoption class and were preparing for the next steps. Now, not even a month later, we are in full-blown homestudy mode!

The first step was to meet with our adoption specialist from Adoption Home Study Services of Arizona. We had already met Calli during our adoption training but we hadn’t spent any alone time with her. For this meeting, she came to our home, the three of us sat on the couch, and it felt very personalized and comfortable. Jk and I were so glad that we had already been to the educational class because it gave us a great foundation for the things Calli discussed with us. She went through the paperwork and steps needed in order for us to get certified to adopt. That part was pretty simple!

Next, we started our interviews. Calli asked us all kinds of questions about the progression of our relationship and our marriage. We were asked how we met, what attracted us to each other, and what…