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Adoption Certification

Of all the significant dates in our lives, I will mark today on the calendar!

For the last 5 months, we’ve been waiting for our adoption certification. According to the law, 90 days is the maximum wait before the Arizona court has to certify applicants as acceptable or deny their request to adopt. Well...90 days went by without a word and our adoption specialist started to inquire. Secretly, I wondered if a lack of response meant that we were denied, but I was assured that either way, we should have an answer. Every day, I tried to put the issue out of my mind (“A watched pot never boils” right?). With much difficulty, I hardly spoke about it, always thought about it, and never prayed about it.

When 130 days passed, my husband decided to ask the adoptions unit directly. He was informed that the court doesn’t give out information by phone and was told to send an email. Slow slow slow was the process. 
Driving to work this morning, I finally threw the worries of my heart into a prayer…