These Three Things

Two years later, I am reflecting on the day (New Year's Eve 2014) that I married Jk in the Salt Lake City Temple. There are three things I remember most about our wedding day:

1)  It was absolutely freezing! The post-sealing photo portion of the day was the worst, in terms of coldness. In between photos, I wore a winter coat and my mom’s gloves. My toes were so numb that I could hardly walk. After our first set of pictures, we had gone inside the Joseph Smith Memorial Building for lunch and our photographer asked if we wanted to go back out and take more pictures with the temple. I flat-out said no.

2)  I was smiling and laughing all day long. I was marrying the best person I had ever met; I was surrounded by my most favorite people in the world; and I would get to take home my very own red velvet wedding cake. I wouldn’t change a thing.

3)  We were exhausted. The week before our wedding was filled with last-minute preparations and organizing our new apartment. We woke up early on the morning of our wedding and by noon we were feeling it. Not only was I spiritually drained from our sealing, but we had taken tons of photos, socialized with lots of people, and been out in the cold all morning. Jk drove as we went from our luncheon in Salt Lake to our reception in Provo. Suddenly, I felt our car swerve and heard the rumble strips beneath us. I looked at Jk and asked, somewhat jokingly, “Did you just fall asleep?” To my surprise, he said yes! I couldn’t drive his stick-shift car, so we stopped for a few minutes while he took a power nap.  

I wasn't the type to Pinterest-plan out my wedding and it still turned out how we wanted. Of course there were gongshow moments, but I came to accept that we'll always have those! I'm glad we didn't elope (though I'm sure our families would have preferred somewhere more tropical 😳)! 


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